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Got a 30 to 50 year old or more lawn
that needs renovation ?

We can FIX Old Nasty Lawns


The picture below is of a 35 year old lawn in Calgary that was nearly dead.

bad old lawn

after treatment

Click here for more information old lawn renovation and repair


enhanced hydroseeding

Read More on why Enhanced Hydroseeding is vastly superior to regular hydroseeding

Eco Grass

Eco Grass is a custom designed blend of Fine Fescues and other hardy grasses that require less water, less mowing and less fertilizer than kentucky blue grass based sod lawns.

It was designed and blended by Mistaya Land for Alberta's hard clay soils from native derived turf type cultivars

NEW - Eco Grass Sod
sold with installation only, no sales of sod pieces.

Little or No
Mowing Maintenance

Drought Tolerant

Disease & Pest Resistant

Reduces Weed Infestations

Requires little if any watering
or fertilizing,

Requires a lot less water than typical sod grasses

Fantastic on steep hillsides,
septic fields and sub division boulevards

Salt tolerant
(ideal for areas near streets where winter ice control salting spreading occurs)

Ideal for larger acreages where maintenance time is an issue.

We can hydro seed or mechanically seed this blend.

Hate you old ugly, tired or weed infested lawn....

We can also "oversow" existing lawns with our top dresser, the new more vigorous and aggressive Eco grass will replace the older grass

Thrives in full sun or partial shade

Do You Need a New Lawn This Year ?
Do you need your old lawn fixed ?

If you are planning to install sod on your new lot this year or seed your acreage, please take a few moments to consider the many options we have. While we do install sod , we also have some alternatives to sod. We will also explain why using sod is not always the best answer to your new lawn, especially in dry areas with clay or sodic soil or hard water (especially well water).

Places like Airdrie, Langdon, Strathmore and west Edmonton and many other central Alberta communities have heavy clay, hard pan and alkali/sodic soils which do not mix with KBG based sod.

If you have a dog, sod is a poor choice. Dogs and Kentucky Blue Grass do NOT mix.

If you have an old nasty or struggling lawn, we have some innovative alternatives to simply digging the old out and replacing the soil and sod.

For a more complete listing of our services and products click here

Mistaya Land and Water Corporation can provide an ecologically friendly alternative that is hardier, requires less watering (drought tolerant) and requires less maintenance than regular Kentucky blue grass (KBG)  based sod lawn grasses.

We offer special grass variety mixtures such as premium golf course bluegrass turf blend, acreage blend, low maintenance mix, sport turf, Eco grass, low mow and no mow blends and even native grass mixes.

We can mix and match different blends on one property. For example on an acreage, we can install low maintenance or a turf blend around the house, drought tolerant farther out and even a grazing grass mix for your horses on another section.

Mistaya Land can be your once stop solution to having a new lawn this year. We offer a complete and simple set of services to homeowners, acreage owners and businesses or developers.

Our service includes these four proven solutions:

1. We can seed a new lawn for you using either mechanical seeding or no till drill seeding techniques.
2. We can either Hydroseed or use Enhanced Hydroseeding to install your new lawn
3 .We can sod your lawn with standard or Eco Grass Sod
4. We can over-sow your existing old, weed infested and tired looking lawn by using our specialized Equipment and eco grass. We can accomplish this without digging up the old lawn or removing the sod and dirt and then bring in new dirt which is costly and not really necessary.

We also have other innovative options not listed here for specific or special circumstances.

Read more on how to revitalize your old worn out lawn.

More information on Eco Grass

Mistaya Land and Water Corp.

Alberta Dirt Works - Soil preparation services .

Alberta Seeding -
Complete grass and turf seeding services for acreage owners, home owners, municipalitiesutility installation companies, parks and commercial clients.

New Lawn Services
Purewest Can provide the following services to complete the installation of your new lawn.

Top soil Preparation- finishing and preparation of soil for seeding, sodding or hydroseeding,  final leveling, lump pulverizing , raking and other dirt handling solutions to get your empty lot to a nice level fluffy seedbed ready for planting.

Soil Treatment - Is your soil not so good or just plain bad! is it lumpy or contains too much clay ? if so, we can generally fix those problems with the use of amazing Clay Doctor soil modification process or our soil preparation machine.

The addition of  soil treatments like the Clay Doctor process and bio enzymes will soften and loosen up the poorer soils, it can permanently modify your clay soil into a looser productive loam like soil in one treatment.  We can also add more organic content with the addition of peat moss or organic compost through our dry or liquid compost application methods.

New Lawn Grass planting- Four methods

1) Hydro seeding- Hydroseeding your new lawn is a wonderful and proven method for making a new lawn. Hydro seeding means we mix grass seed, fertilizer and mulch together to form a thick slurry which is then spraying onto the seed bed by a specialized hydroseeding machine.

2) Enhanced Hydroseeding is a more intense process that uses nutrient rich organic materials, which is basically a form of liquid soil, organics and compost like materials. This method provides near sod like quality lawns in anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on conditions, even in very poor soil. 

3) Mechanical or Drill Seeding- Mechanical seeding is the standard way to seed a lawn , for this method on larger lawns like acreage's we use a tractor mounted seed roller machine that pushes the seed into the soil. For small yards we use a high tech liquid soil applicator or compost and seed mix laid down by a smaller mechanized top dresser.

4) Sod & Eco Grass Sod- We do offer sod installation as it can provide a good solution for some clients, but consider the fact that regular sod is mainly comprised of water loving blue grasses and unless you are prepared for the higher maintenance, consider the other two methods or installing low maintenance Eco Grass sod.


Clay Soil Treatments - Mistaya Land will apply the world's best clay soil treatment the custom tailored Clay Doctor  soil modification process to your problem lawn, garden, acreage or farm.

Fertilizer Application- We offer standard spray on and granular or fully ORGANIC base fertilizer applications that is competitive to companies that specialize in this process. However we can also provide helpful advice and offer many more options than regular applicators

Organic Fertilizer Program - Mistaya Land has a very good eco friendly fully natural and organic program for those people wishing to get away for the standard chemicals that are causing so many environmental problems like toxic algae blooms and fish kills due to storm drain runoff. Read more on our Eco friendly Organic fertilizer and soil treatments.


"Growing Naturally"

Environmentally friendly commercial and residential solutions
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